Tuesday, 31 October 2017

R+P Post 33: Reflections on my role and contribution during Research and Planning

I feel that all three of us contributed well to the research and planning of our project and we each played to our strengths.  Below I have summarised my personal contribution.

As I enjoy art, we felt that I’d be good at drawing out the shots for our storyboard. In order to be as organised as possible I made sure to write down in a checklist all of our key shots before drawing them to ensure that I didn’t forget any. I also made sure to organise our narrative shots in order so that we could see if it made sense.
Drawing our storyboard shots
Drawing the promo shots and flat plans for the website and digipak cover
In addition to storyboarding, I also drew and annotated our promo shots and flat plans so that we had a clear visual reference for when it comes to making them.

Drawing the digipak flat plan
Drawing the website flat plan

Filming and directing sections of the shoot
As I am performing the least in our video, most of the directing and some of the filming will be my responsibility. During our test shoot I filmed some of Laith’s lip-sync scenes such as the flicker lighting and also the scenes with both Sian and Laith. I also acted as a performance director when Sian was filming the hand held scenes in order to help Laith act and convey emotion.
Filming one of Laith's lip syncs
Performing in the video
My performance in the video was dancing. Myself and Sian had a blue lighting set-up which made us appear as silhouettes. As we both have a dance background these roles were very well suited to us and it meant we could perform to a high standard.
Filming one of my dance sections
Helping to teach choreography and organising rehearsals
Alongside Sian, I helped to teach the group of boys the choreography that we decided on as well as organising the rehearsals and ensuring the boys knew when and where they were being held. 

R+P Post 32: Test shoot and rough edit

The test shoot was an important part of our research and planning as it helped us to see what works well and what we need to change before our main shoot in order to create an effective music video. Below is our Test Shoot schedule for the week – I am in group 1 (our times are written in blue).

One of the key things we have done in our test shoot was creating lighting set-ups and saving them so that they are quick and easy to access for the main shoot. We were able to test out a range of different set-ups and see what worked well. For example one of our dance lighting set-ups is a strong blue light and so we could experiment with different shades of blue.
The blue lighting we decided on
The lighting set up I am particularly happy with is the group back lit lighting as it is exactly how we envisioned it.
Below is our rough cut from the test shoot. As we didn’t film any location and narrative shots during the test week we have left these sections blank.
The test shoot and rough edit have been very useful as they have helped us to realise what doesn’t work well. From talking to our teachers and together as a group below is a list of changes we plan to make before our main shoot.
[changes pic]

Looking forward I think that we are in a good position for our main shoot as we are now familiar with the set-ups and equipment. We also know what takes the most time and can plan our shoot schedule accordingly. I think that once we implement the changes we have planned on and also added the location and narrative shots we could make an effective music video. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

R+P Post 31: My call sheet

For each of our shoot days we have made a call sheet so that our cast and crew know what time they need to be on set in order for our shoot to run on schedule. We have made sure to give each member of the cast and crew a call sheet for the days they are required so they have all the information they need.
Call Sheet for Monday
The call sheet not only includes the time that cast and crew need to meet but also other aspects of the shoot such as detailed health and safety information and locations of different preparation sections within the studio. In addition to this each member of the crews specific roles for the day are mentioned.

I think that having a call sheet will be very useful as it will help our group ensure the shoot runs efficiently.

R+P Post 30: My Shootboard

We have created a shootboard in order to help our shoot days run smoothly and to make sure that we don't forget to film any of our key shots. We have made a different shootboard for each day to keep things clear and organised.

Below is a sample of one of our location shootboards.
Saturday Location Shoot - Page 1

Saturday Location Shoot - Page 2

Saturday Location Shoot - Page 3
The shootboard contains visuals from our key shot storyboard which act as visual reference point and helps us to see the framing of the shot and the positioning of the camera. It also tells us who is filming, directing and acting so we all know what we are doing and also to ensure we can all contribute. We have put rough timings in for each shot, factoring in time for setting up lights and getting into character, and hope that we run on schedule so that we don't have to rush any of our scenes. 

So that our shoot days are organised and that we are efficient with timing, we have grouped together similar shots so that we don't have to continuously change set up locations and lighting. 

R+P Post 29: Rehearsals

In order to prepare for the test shoot and the main shoot we have had many different rehearsals. Below is our weekly rehearsal schedule.
Each rehearsal focuses on a different aspect of the music video. As dance is a big part of the video and we want it to look as effective as possible, Mondays and Fridays are dance rehearsals in which we work with our extra dancers and make sure they know the choreography. Sian and I also spend Tuesday's deciding on the choreography. 
Dance Rehearsal
As part of Laith's rehearsals we made a screen test in which Laith practiced his lip-sync. This helped us to realise that we needed to work more on conveying the emotion of the song through Laith's performance. In order to achieve a realistic lip-sync, we worked with our friend Tyra who is a Drama student and can help Laith to really convey the emotion of the song. We also work on his dancing and gestures for performance as well.

We have stuck to this timetable so far and hope to continue up until the main shoot. These rehearsals have been really productive so far and we hope that we will continue making progress. 

R+P Post 28: My kit list

For our shoot we will need two kit lists. One will be for location shoots that will take place on weekends and the other for the studio shots. 

On Location
  • Canon Legria HFG30 Camera
  • Libec TH-650HD Tripod
  • Canon DM-100 Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Three Point Lighting Kit
  • 64 GB SD card
  • Two batteries
  • Clapperboard
  • Whiteboard Pen + Wipe
Libec TH-650HD Tripod
Canon Legria HFG30 Camera
The kit we are using in the studio is the same as the location kit in addition to the following.
  • Studio Lights and lighting desk
  • Sound desk
  • Cyclorama
  • Additional floor light
  • A monitor
  • A tripod dolly
  • Shoulder support rig for hand held shots
The equipment in the Studio helps to give a more professional look to our shots. For example the lights can be changed so that we have coloured lighting as well as shaped and positioned to create spotlights or flood lighting. The cyclorama will help us to achieve an infinite background so no gaps are seen. The shoulder support will be useful for hand held shots as it will mean the camera shakes less ensuring smoother movements. 

R+P Post 27: Casting

Our video will have one main lead (AJ), a female narrative lead, a supporting male narrative character and a selection of dance performers. When considering casting we had to decide on who would fit best in the roles and who would be reliable given the amount of time required for shooting and rehearsals.

Below is a table which summarises all of our cast, complete with photos of each member and an explanation as to why they have been cast. 
Casting List